RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Download



RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Free Download

randomkey Generator multiple options [ILEDA/ID/serial/parolaoluşturmak3işleviiçerenbirnetdll

All functions use only for

code one line reqir to

Add applications into a zip file applications and ready to use “How to” 2 guides, a demo application, .vb file and compiled function includes the DLL

DLL 3 special includes functions:

  • standartkey
  • simbolkey
  • customkey

standartkey: this function customization returns a string with multiple options

  • letters, numbers, or both
  • uppercase, lowercase, or both
  • Use simbol
  • You can define the length of

simbolkey: this function simply returns the length of a string selected with simbol, the returned string is a combination of 2529 symbol

customkey this function you want with a specific length of only letters, numbers and / or symbols returns a string contai

an eye out for a small sample video preview take

RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Download


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