Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Download



Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Free Download

, Google maps static applications that implement static image can be manipulated through google maps .NET class private property multiple options

static map creates only

requires code one line to use

Add applications into a zip file applications and ready to use “how to” guide, a demo application, with .vb file and compiled function includes DLL

, Google to create a new variable, then you can use static or integrated DLL or .vb file is very easy to integrate into your application map googlemapsstatic as

eg New googlemapsstatic dim map

(outtyp as String, where as OutputType) use generatemap function

to create a static map

OutputType first two options are URL , that return URLs second static image iMAGE return a bitmap static map

URL Ex: map.generatemap ( “New York”, googlemapsstatic.outtyp the .url)

Image Ex: map.generatemap ( “New York”, googlemapsstatic.outtyp to .Image)

You can customize the options map with easy to use features


map to change the type of

eg: map.xmaptyp a = googlemapsstatic.maptypes .SATELLIT of

all feature in the first position, an X

located in

custom map feature:

Image Format:

  • Png8
  • Png32
  • Gifu
  • .jpg
  • .jpg Baseline

Map Type:

  • roadmap
  • Satellite
  • land
  • Hybrid

Marking color:

  • Standard
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

Marker Label

  • from a to Z letter
  • Number 0 to 9
  • No

Mark Size:

Image Height and Width

1 (the world) from 21 Zoom (House)

the time required to display the map changes depending on the speed of the internet

take a look at a small sample video preview

Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Download


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