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Conversation Module In Php v1.2 (Social Networking) Download



Conversation Module In Php v1.2 (Social Networking) Free Download

Are you ready to use our conversation module for PHP?

It’s very simple and easy to integrate with any existing website and web application. It’s ready to use with your older customers or users and databases of any web application or website which is built with PHP.

The Key Features of our conversation module for PHP

  • User Creation: You can easily create your profile by following simple steps.
  • Communication between Users: You can easily send or receive text Message and emoji between users.
  • Continuous discussion: you can do Continuous and seamless discussion via text massage and emoji.
  • Ajax Based conversation: Now!! you can get notification of messages without reloading page.
  • Send Attachment: You can also send attachment in massage as well.
  • Trash Functionality:
    • You are able to move your discussion from inbox to trash.
    • You are able to restore your discussion from trash to inbox.
    • you are able to delete single or particular massage.
    • you are able to delete whole discussion from inbox as well.
    • you are able to permanently delete discussion from trash.
    • If you want to delete your discussion permanently than you can easily do that as well.
  • Search: You can easily Search your discussion by subject or by user.

Conversation Module In Php v1.2 (Social Networking) Download


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